Government Intimidation in the age of the Internet. Part 3

Hey, Hi, Hello

If you’ve been following this series, you know that over the last few days I’ve been receiving a lot of tips and stories from people about how the Government of Alberta representatives and ministers have been interacting with the people they are supposed to serve.

One tip in particular inspired me to test something for myself. As many of you know, I have emailed government ministers in the past, and received either no response or a canned response so, I haven’t bothered much with emails in regard to this particular series of posts. Yesterday, I decided to email a minister myself after receiving a tip about this particular minister’s behavior recently, and boy did that deliver some results.

So far I have sent a single email, inquiring about a matter of public concern. I made sure to keep my email professional and to make no statements or accusations. What I received in return may well be one of the most unprofessional replies I have ever seen from a business professional (outside of the UCP, anyways). As much as I would like to share the exchange in its entirety with you right now, I actually don’t feel safe doing so.

As of now, I am weighing my options and considering the consequences carefully of continuing to engage with this individual. Were this not a government official with whom I was emailing for a story, I would not continue to correspond with them.

The pattern of behavior we are seeing is troubling, as I’ve mentioned before. Attacks on citizens, dismissal of public concerns, a disregard for even the appearance of ethical concern, and the hubris of those who believe themselves to be above criticism make for a dangerous brew.

I will update this series as events unfold.

Stay safe, protect each other, keep records.

Calamity out.

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