Mother’s Day

Hey, hi, hello!

I’m happy to be back today, even if it’s only to state the obvious again so we don’t all forget.

Jason Kenney and the UCP don’t respect women. This mother’s day, when they tweet out banalities about how much they love their own moms, don’t forget that the UCP waited until the very last minute to move to online learning, endangering children and their families, and have done nothing to support mothers who are working and raising children during this unprecedented crisis. 

Don’t forget that the UCP is actively pushing back against the federal government’s proposed affordable childcare plan. 

Don’t forget that in 2019 Jason Kenney claimed that women running for office didn’t understand “tactical politics” as well as their male counterparts. 

Don’t forget that his government tried to pass a bill that would allow doctors to refuse to provide care based on “moral objections” which would have endangered women, the LGBTQ2S+ community and those seeking MAID. 

Don’t forget how the UCP press secretaries attacked women online for speaking up about their concerns, even going so far as to post photos of a doctor’s children because she was vocal about the harm the UCP’s policies were doing. 

And don’t forget that the UCP’s disastrous budget cuts have disproportionately targeted professions dominated by women. From proposing lowering wages in the service industry to attacking education and healthcare this government has done their absolute best to hamstring women.  

Jason Kenney and the UCP do not respect women, the evidence is everywhere you look. 

Happy Mother’s Day.

Calamity Out.


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