Reaching and Overreaching

Hey, Hi, Hello! Lately it’s been a challenge to keep up with the antics of the UCP. We’ve been forced to set aside some of our very valid concerns and focus our energies on, you know, violations of the Charter and Ministers abusing their power and harassing doctors. As a result some important topics haveContinue reading “Reaching and Overreaching”

Trouble on the front lines Part 2

Hey, Hi, Hello! Things are getting dicey here in Alberta lately, to such a degree that this past week saw the Alberta Medical Association file a lawsuit against the Government of Alberta claiming more than $250 Million in damages has already been incurred due to the Governments decision to tear up their contract with healthcareContinue reading “Trouble on the front lines Part 2”

The slow poisoning of Alberta’s politics

Hey, Hi, Hello! While many of us are struggling to keep up with the daily bombardment of bad decisions, power grabs and now sponsored ad content (hello Shopify) from our provincial government, it’s sometimes hard to remember that Jason Kenney isn’t where our trouble started. He’s a symptom of a bigger problem. The new UCPContinue reading “The slow poisoning of Alberta’s politics”

When the weight comes down

Hey, Hi, Hello! Today Premier Jason Kenney announced 7B in funding for the Keystone pipeline and did a press conference with the CEO of TC energy, Russel K Girling, to tell us all how very essential the project is. Kenney has stooped so low that he’s started to make Doug Ford look good by comparison.Continue reading “When the weight comes down”

Won’t somebody think of the children?!

Hey, Hi, Hello, Today the Minister of Education, Adriana Lagrange, went back on her word and announced cuts to public education, resulting in approximately 25,000 people being laid off. It is no coincidence that this announcement was made on a Saturday immediately after the story of Tyler Shandro’s inappropriate behavior went public, and it isContinue reading “Won’t somebody think of the children?!”

Recap for the week of March 21st-28th

Hey, Hi, Hello This week has been a bit overwhelming and so I’ve decided to do a brief run down of what’s happened and where we’re at now. As of the writing of this post there have been no announcements about a walk back on changes to physician pay as of April 1, those changesContinue reading “Recap for the week of March 21st-28th”

Government Intimidation in the age of the Internet. A #Shandemic.

Hey, Hi, Hello, If you’ve been following my series “Government Intimidation in the age of the Internet”, you’ll know that the story that the CBC published today about health minister Tyler Shandro is not news to me. Now that it’s news to everyone else though, let’s take a look at what has gone down withContinue reading “Government Intimidation in the age of the Internet. A #Shandemic.”

Brouhaha at the Border?

Hey, Hi, Hello I’ve noticed a lot of concern on twitter about the US stationing troops at their border and I have some thoughts, but first, let’s get what details we can together. Based on reports that I’ve read, the US is looking at placing about 1,000 troops 25km from the border and using sensorsContinue reading “Brouhaha at the Border?”