Government Intimidation in the age of the Internet. Part 3

Hey, Hi, Hello If you’ve been following this series, you know that over the last few days I’ve been receiving a lot of tips and stories from people about how the Government of Alberta representatives and ministers have been interacting with the people they are supposed to serve. One tip in particular inspired me toContinue reading “Government Intimidation in the age of the Internet. Part 3”

Government Intimidation in the age of the Internet. Part 2

Hey, Hi, Hello Yesterday I wrote a piece introducing us to the pattern of Government intimidation we’ve been seeing in Alberta. I outlined a few public cases that illustrated the types of behaviors I’ve seen from government representatives in my province that I find concerning and I asked people to share their stories with me,Continue reading “Government Intimidation in the age of the Internet. Part 2”

Time for something a little lighter

Hey, Hi, Hello! Are you self isolating, engaging in social distancing or in full lock down with kids? Is this a whole new works of insanity for you? Well, never fear! I’m going to share some of my best survival tips and tricks with you. First, on a serious note: Self Isolation can be hard,Continue reading “Time for something a little lighter”

Government Intimidation in the Age of the Internet

Hey, Hi, Hello I want to talk about government intimidation of private citizens on the internet, particularity in Alberta, because that’s where I live and where I’m seeing it. Recently one of my Twitter friends was singled out by one of our Conservative ministers, he tagged her multiple times while claiming that she had attackedContinue reading “Government Intimidation in the Age of the Internet”

Conservative Mismanagement

As we, here in Alberta, watch our current government work to dismantle public services in an effort to push privatization. I would like to take a quick look at the conservative legacy of privatization, both provincially and federally.  Today, after seeing the reaction of healthcare professionals online to the advertisements for Telus’  Babylon health app,Continue reading “Conservative Mismanagement”

My “fireside chat” with a UCP MLA

Hey, Hi, Hello, So today I sat down with my MLA and asked him a whole bunch of questions about the UCP budget for 2020 and how that will affect my municipality and our province overall. I apologize for the rough drafting here, I’ve never done this before and want to maintain the integrity ofContinue reading “My “fireside chat” with a UCP MLA”

Affordable Childcare part 1

The Mckinsey institute estimates that allowing women to participate fully in the workforce could add approximately 150 Billion to Canada’s GDP by 2026 with Alberta alone seeing a potential GDP increase of 21.3 Billion. But what does it mean to “allow women to participate fully in the workforce”? For starters it means removing barriers toContinue reading “Affordable Childcare part 1”

Hey, Hi, Hello

“Meritocracy only works if there is equality of opportunity. That equality doesn’t exist in our society today. Let’s try to change that“ @calamityjayne4 This is the first post on my new blog. You may recognize me from Twitter, where I enjoy aggressively discussing parenting issues and progressive policy. I plan to do more of thatContinue reading “Hey, Hi, Hello”