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Whenever someone says “Socialists just want free shit” all I can think about is how much free shit rich people and corporations get while we are told we don’t deserve access to the shit WE FUCKING PAID FOR.


Women at work Pt 2

COVID19 is setting women in Alberta back decades.  In April, women’s participation in the workforce fell to its lowest level since the 80s. SINCE THE 80’s! I am both horrified and not surprised.   Women, especially women of colour, are disproportionately affected by the COVID 19 pandemic overall but when you take into consideration the fields…

Mother’s Day

Hey, hi, hello! I’m happy to be back today, even if it’s only to state the obvious again so we don’t all forget. Jason Kenney and the UCP don’t respect women. This mother’s day, when they tweet out banalities about how much they love their own moms, don’t forget that the UCP waited until the…

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