Trouble on the Front Lines

Hey, Hi, Hello

I’d like to talk a little bit about the government of Alberta’s response to the COVID19 pandemic, specifically the fact that in 8 days, healthcare workers will not know what their compensation for their time battling this public health crisis will be.

It’s easy to get caught up in all the “too much” that’s happening right now, in Alberta and across our country. We have a lot on our plates, a lot on our minds and a lot of new responsibilities to manage thanks to recent events. Some people may have gotten distracted from the situation faced by our healthcare staff.

Minister of Health Tyler Shandro stated that the Alberta Government would be putting their cuts on hold for the duration of the pandemic, but that offers little comfort to front line staff who fear that they may lose their jobs when all this is over. Doctors and nurses have taken to twitter to voice their frustration and concerns, pointing out that they are risking not only their health, but their lives for the people of this province in which government officials actively disobey social distancing recommendations, with Shandro himself posing for a photo op at a testing facility on March 22 without visible PPE.

I, for one, feel that their concerns are valid.

As of approximately 30 minutes ago, Minister of Health Tyler Shandro tweeted out new billing codes for virtual care, likely as a result of public pressure from doctors and patients in regard to the Telus Babylon Health app rollout this week, which garnered criticism from doctors and patients across the province.

It is important to note that this does not offer healthcare workers assurances in regards to their clinical revenues as of April, 1.

It is vital at this time that we support our front line workers.

Step up, speak out, protect each other and for goodness sake, wash your hands and follow the recommendations from AHS.

Calamity out.


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