Brouhaha at the Border?

Hey, Hi, Hello

I’ve noticed a lot of concern on twitter about the US stationing troops at their border and I have some thoughts, but first, let’s get what details we can together.

Based on reports that I’ve read, the US is looking at placing about 1,000 troops 25km from the border and using sensors to prevent border crossings. They’ve said the the troops would have no legal power and would strictly be tasked with monitoring and reporting irregular border crossings.

Deputy PM Christia Freeland says that Canada is “Strongly opposed” to this idea, noting that Canada and the US have an “important and valued partnership” to consider when making decisions.

One concern people have is that this move would be a departure form our typical relations with the US. Although lately relations with the US seem to be a challenge to maintain, I have read reports indicating that there are US officials who also oppose this idea, so that’s promising.

Personally, I can understand why people are uncomfortable with the idea of the US militarizing the border, I’m not comfortable with it myself and neither are our government officials. The deputy PM and PM are currently working to prevent this militarization from happening, and that’s really all we can ask at this time.

Stay safe, stay home, and wash your damn hands you animals.

Calamity out.

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